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What is Global Sourcing ?

Sourcing is the stage that comes before any purchases are made and can be considered a subsection of the procurement department. Before you can procure products   from your suppliers, you must first find and vet those suppliers. To international purchasing, it is more complicative than local.    keep thinking in Trade security , Quality Control, logistic cost saving, Electrical Technical service , etc.

When we assist you have an effective strategic sourcing process in place, you’ll find reliable, affordable, and quality suppliers to supply the goods you need. Good work here makes the procurement process more streamlined and efficient.

Sourcing is about finding the balance between the quality of products and the vendor or ODM supplier's affordability. The less you can spend on Quality Control (QC) at site and Quality assessment (QA) report , the more profit your business can earn. But, if the products are too cheap and buy shoddy products, your resulting product is of lesser quality. It is important to retain standards of quality because you or your customers want quality, too!

With global sourcing you may find a more expensive supplier may be more reliable and able to deal with larger volumes than your preferred cheaper alternative. Or you may need to identify alternative suppliers due to supply chain risks.

Before sourcing can begin, we will help you to assess your purchasing needs, and identify potential suppliers. After all this is completed, you’ll then evaluate the suppliers, and then choose the most suitable supplier for the need. Then, the process repeats for all other purchasing needs, until suppliers are in place for everything you must buy.

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